What are lash extensions?

Making your eyes beautiful

Lash extensions are semi-permanent eyelash hairs. In the one by one technique, each individual eyelash hair is extended with an extension. The extensions are placed one by one on an individual eyelash hair. The attachment is virtually invisible, soft, flexible and does not cause any damage to the natural lashes.

Because each individual eyelash hair is extended with an extension, this gives a very natural effect. After the treatment, mascara, eyelash dye (also for blonde / light colored own eyelashes!) or an eyelash curler is unnecessary! We use high quality, so you won’t feel your lashes and you will have a natural look. Eyelash extensions even have a lifting effect, and make your eyes much more expressive.

Some examples

Choosing a Lash Style

Lash Style

Your lash style extensions may be the most exciting beauty enhancement ever. It is basically a very easy procedure but it really changes your face for the best. Not all styles will be suitable and this will depend on your face which lashes are the best for you. Asian eyes need different lashes than my friends from America or Europe. The style is also totally different all of this is no problem. At every first session we talk about what you would like and I will advice you. Only then when you’re comfortable we start by choosing the eyelashes.

What aftercare do your lash style needed?

Do not rub the eyes, but pat gently dry after washing. Do not use products such as mascara, make-up remover, eyeliner, oil-based eye shadow, etc.

For longer retention of the lash extensions I recommend not to use mascara (if you want mascara for your bottom lashes or to use to make your top lashes even more full then I sell special mascara designed for eyelash extensions).

The use of regular mascara is not recommended, if you want to wear mascara anyway, you can use mascara, especially for lash extensions. Remove eyeliner or eye pencil with a cotton swab.

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Take care of your

  • Take good care of your lashes and eyelash extensions! Don’t rub your eyes and don’t pull your hair, not even out of boredom. The lash extensions can break or ‘tangle’.
  • We recommend that you do not wet your lashes in the shower or when washing the face for the first 24 hours after the treatment.
    After these 24 hours you can just swim, exercise, go to the sauna and under the solarium with your lash extensions.
  • Fill your lashes regularly, at least once every 3 weeks. Your eyelashes have a growth cycle, on average you lose about 3 to 5 eyelash hairs a day. With a full set of lash extensions, an average of 60 to 100 natural eyelash extensions are provided.
  • Brush your eyelash extensions regularly, at least every other day with the eyelash brush you got from us. This keeps your lashes beautiful and in good shape and ensures that you keep healthy lashes …
  • We do not recommend the use of mascara! This is not necessary if you have placed the right set of lashes in terms of thickness and curl. If desired with the One by One lashes, use only a water-based mascara and rinse off with lukewarm water. Apply the mascara only in the tips and try to avoid the roots.
  • Don’t you feel that your lashes need mascara to create the look you want? Then discuss this with us, we will advise you on the different sizes, thicknesses and curls and recommend an appropriate treatment.
  • Do not use oily products on your lashes. This can damage the glue and cause the lashes to stick or clump. This does not promote new hair growth and makes the lash extensions last less long. Think also of your face or eye cream, sunscreen etc.
  • Do not use eyelash curling irons! If you are not satisfied with your curl, discuss this with us so we can find a suitable solution.
    If you have had eye shadow or eyeliner on and you want to remove it, dab it off (e.g. with a damp cotton swab).
  • If you want to remove the lash extensions, let us do this! We do this with care, so no damage is done to your own eyelashes.
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How often should I have a lash extension replaced?

How long do they last

Your own lashes have a growth cycle and will renew themselves once every 1-2 months. Normally you don’t see this process happening visibly, and many people don’t know. But between your long eyelashes there are very short eyelashes, these are the new young eyelashes that will gradually replace the long old eyelashes.

So an eyelash extension will stay in place for one to two months, but this can also vary by a few weeks. When your own eyelash hair falls out, an extension will also fall out. This depends on the lifespan of your own natural eyelashes. To keep beautiful full lashes, we recommend a Refill every 3 to 4 weeks.

The average treatment duration for a new set of lash extensions is 120 minutes. A Refill takes 60 minutes on average, depending on the amount of lashes that have fallen out.

The benefits of lash extensions:

  • Beautiful, full and long lashes every moment of the day for a gorgeous,
  • outspoken look
  • Natural look and feel
  • Length, thickness and curve adapted to your needs
  • Practically weightless, you won’t feel the extensions
  • Resistant to water, body moisture, light, sun and sea
  • No damage to your own natural eyelash
  • No flared mascara in case of rain or perspiration
  • Makes mascara, eyelash dye or eyelash curler superfluous
  • No tufts of eyelashes stuck together or eyelash strips
  • Is applied painlessly
  • Getting up with a beautiful glance
  • Lasts 6 to 8 weeks